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There this current campaign going around YouTube at the moment called #DearMe about talking to your 13 year old self, and giving advice.

I love this idea and I would like to join in myself, however I currently don’t like making YouTube videos as I feel it’s inferior to my written word. So I thought that I would write a letter and post it here.


#DearMe, being 13 is hard, you have the rest of high school ahead of you, you’re busy trying to make friends and work out who you are, who they are, who you want to be, and what you want from life. This is the same for everyone. I know they all seem so confident and out of your reach, but you will get there. I know you are afraid, and you don’t want to ask others for help, or for their time, but you should, people are far nicer than you think. It will take you nearly a decade to learn this, and it is something you will regret not learning sooner, because those people you finished school with are still really great people. And you are going to wish you kept in touch with them better. They don’t hate you and they never did, you just never gave them the chance to really like you. You never had to change yourself for them, they wouldn’t have like that, you just need to ask them to be there.

You should never be afraid to ask for help,, or the things that you know you deserve. If you don’t ask then how will anybody else know, they can’t read minds, as much as wish for it. You are beautiful, smart, funny, kind, and far more generous than most people deserve from you. And even if in the end they don’t like you, don’t forget that you will eventually love you.


Drive and Inspiration

I think, drive and motivation for writing a blog can sometimes be very hard to find. It takes a while to come up with an idea for a post, and sometimes I just don’t feel up to writing long pieces. I do very much want this blog to be a successful one, but I also know that is only achieved by constant work and finding a niche.

I find motivation from other bloggers, and my mother. My mother encourages me and supports my ideas, while other bloggers give me something to strive for.

But I’m not like those other bloggers, and sometimes this also get me down and holds me back. I don’t give lifestyle advice, I’m not about design or beauty, I can’t give you a step by step DIY project and I have no background in therapy to help you with your life problems. All I can offer is an interesting read to pass the time with, and I have to then compete with humor sites, and funny Gifs and photos pages, with online cartoons, and of course Youtube (though I do also have my own Youtube channel). But my aim for this blog isn’t based in monetary success but in popularity, in followers, the the sheer human crowd that just enjoys reading a little something from time to time.

I know that this has been a rather ramblely post but I just felt the need to discuss this stuff with you all. Aside from that I hope you all have/had a nice day, and continue to enjoy reading this blog.

Twenty Fiffteen Update

Hello all my wonderful readers. I must apologies for my absence over these last few months. I got busy with an overseas trip, then the Christmas period was in full swing when I got back then summer holidays in which a lot of my spare time was eaten up by social happenings with friends and family, (not that I’m complaining about that).

So now we are well into the New Year and I feel the need to get back into writing regular posts. I also feel the need to switch up this blog a little, as I feel my format is a little bland, boring and getting a bit stale.

I would love to be able to post photos to accompany my posts, but I need to then get all the equipment to be able to take edit and publish the photos to match my post topics. It is something that I have been thinking about for a while, but it is rather costly to go through and update all of my tech to reach a level that I would be happy with sharing.

If you have any other ideas on how I could spice up this blog of mine it would be nice to hear them.

Thanks for reading, and a good luck for this year to you all. 🙂

How I am

I found this fantastic TED talk on YouTube the other night, and I thought to myself that this woman embodies and voices the exact same reasoning for her poetry as I do for my writing philosophy.

And it got me thinking, that I haven’t really explained to you my audience anything about how I am, which as a writer is just as, if not more, important than who I am.

So let’s start with the easy things. I am a nineties kid, born just as the decade was beginning. That makes me old enough to know and understand things, but still young enough to question why. It also means my education holds its place in two different centuries. The new and the old clash madly in my brain, and maybe that’s why writing appeals to me so much.

There is also as I said an impossibly old side to me, despite my youth people have always found me to have wisdom beyond what your average person my age at the time would have. Though that seems to have regressed to plain logic, as I got older. It’s that logical side of me that enjoys the writing so much, as I can then make order of the million of thoughts in my brain and follow them back to their original idea in a process to create a well-founded and believable story. Writing used to be a private thing for me especially in my early teens, as I had many frustrations with myself and my peers, I found that writing out these frustrations took them out of my brain onto the page and then they could no long worry me or keep me up all hours of the night.

I also love words, as just how many there are in the English language for someone like myself to play with for example the word “pleasing” it synonyms are “agreeable, pleasant, enjoyable, lovely, nice, pleasurable, satisfying, gratifying, delightful and welcome” but all of these are not all applied in the same way, and can be applicable in many different circumstances. If I was to say that something was “a pleasant experience” it would probably mean that while it wasn’t uncomfortable, I still found it to be boring and it wouldn’t be something that I would do again in a hurry, however if I was to say it was ‘enjoyable’ then would mean that I probably had a pretty good time, and would be willing to try again, then if the experience was a ‘gratifying’ one that would mean that I had gotten something out of it beyond mere pleasure. This is how as a writer you can capture people and bring them in. You create a world, with your rules, and then if you are brave enough you let others into that world to explore it, to marvel in it, to test it, to push it’s limits and to see if they have fallen for your creation half as much as you have. Then if they are happy and seem to want to stay in that place that you have carved out of time, ink, paper and/ or software , then you can be happy with what you have placed in the world.

I believe that my works are like children, for your average story is not formed wholly in one or two days, but like a child, formed over months and years, and sometimes over your entire life span.

Though I do think that it is interesting that I revel in the idea of being a storyteller so much now, but when I was a child I was never one to gossip or spread rumors, even as a teen I never did much story telling to my school friends. Though this might be more because I never really had much to tell, rather than disliking the concept of gossip.

I have however always admired storytellers. I wasn’t a popular girl, but this did mean that many an hour was and still is spent with my nose bookishly pointed towards the written word. I had both the good and bad fortune to have many weekends to myself, and a mother whose thirst for escapism through fantastical tales rivaled my own. With similar tastes in reading material there is never a shortage of things to inspire me.

These are some of the many reasons I am how I am, and I write how I do.


Hopefully next time I post it will be a sneak peek into the lengthy pieces that I have been working on this year, so you can all look forward to that. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

P.S I have also linked the TED talk for you down below if you want to listen and enjoy.



Hello dear readers,

I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting new content recently, this is because I’ve started some bigger writing projects that I’m not ready to share, and yet they have been taking up the majority of my creativity and spare writing time.

In the mean time I hope to post some older filler works to keep you all entertained. These filler pieces are from my first year of uni, so they aren’t quite as good technically as the stuff I write now. Also I’m not exactly the same as I was back then. So I hope you aren’t too disappointed, and I promise more good stuff for you all in the future. In the meantime please enjoy seeing how I started out and getting to know me and my writing style.


Thanks a bunch, A.Kat

Through the Eyes of a Carrot

So I’ve decided to add a few short stories that I wrote for some of my uni courses. I hope you all enjoy them. 🙂

I roll over on the bed, Kate my Mother is still asleep, so I creep up till I am right be side her and purr loudly in her ear, she just rolls over and puts a pillow between us. Ok so no breakfast from her yet. Next I creep over to Rob, Kate’s male, and purr at him. He just rolls over too. What is with them today? I walk over Rob to get back to his face, this time I meow and pat his cheeks with my paw. He just pats me back.

“Good kitty.”

Words like that will get you scratched mister. Ok so now it’s time for my ultimate weapon. Pacing back to Kate I crouch down ready to pounce and bullseye! Land on her back with a thump, and then continue to purr.

“Ok, ok puss, I’ll get your breakfast.” Success! Kate sits up, then stands up, slips into her robe and stumbles out of the room, I follow. Down the stairs into the kitchen, and the same old cat biscuits are there in my bowl. “Meow, meow!” I say.

“Yes I know Carrot you want more, but the vet said that we have to start watching your weight.” I hiss at her I don’t want more. I want something else. I purr and rub up against her legs, to say that I don’t hate her. The Fridge! I pad over and paw at it, hoping she will understand my meaning.

“Oh! You want milk do you?”

“Meow!” Yes I say milk would be better. Kate opens the cupboard and grabs a second small bowl. Yay! I purr and twist around her legs again. Kate pours in the milk. I sniff. Yurk! Skim. I walk away with my nose in the air. This just won’t do.

“I’m sorry puss but that is all we have, take it or leave it. I’m going back to bed.”

Oh well I guess skim milk with my bickies will have to do today. Though I’m not going to give Kate any cuddles tonight. Her feet can freeze for I care.

I go to the couch now. Time for my morning bath. Plop myself down in the sunny patch and begin the morning ritual. As I finish who should walk into the kitchen but Rob. Lucky! I might just get a second breakfast, if I play my cards right…


Walking along a dusty trail made by the farmer’s trucks. Traversing the place over the decades gives you a good idea of how the land changes over time. You get an even better idea of the way the land moves if you do this wandering once or twice a month for a couple of years.

The seasonal change around here is stark. Bleak cold winters that freeze the ground and make you forget what a warm day feels like. Compared with blisteringly hot summers that force you to take afternoon naps, to seek shade and will make you take a rest after only walking the 100-150 meters it takes to get to the next paddock gate. But there is a barren beauty to it all. You don’t notice the seasonal changes in the farmer’s trees (unlike most other places) for the farmers around here planted evergreens. Hardy pine trees serve as wind breaks for most of the paddocks, as shelter from the worst of the weather for the animals. They planted the pines for this was a grassy sea when people first came to farm here. They didn’t have the time to care for gumtrees. They don’t grow thick with branches and needles to protect the ground, and they will take time to grow before their roots are of any use in protecting and holding down the topsoil.

No the real change to note, as the seasons pass is how the light glows upon an afternoon. In summer it is bright, hot, almost biting, in autumn though the sun is still brilliant most days the afternoon sky is pregnant with the promise of rain. It almost never delivers a single drop, much to the farmer’s distress. In winter the skies are a blue grey and the sun takes on a sharp white feel to it that makes you squint, yet there is no warmth radiating down on you as your nose slowly goes numb. Then spring comes and an afternoon stroll down the dusty lane ways the most serene thing that life around here has to offer. The air is cooling after a pleasantly temperate day, but it isn’t cold yet. The evening sun is low in the sky and everything takes on this golden, rose gold hue, the grass and the trees, the animals and even you. It is one of those freeze time and bundle it up in your pocket kind of moments, just so you can have it to look upon when the days are harder.

However I highly endorse a country walk at any time of day or the year. Take the dogs and just start walking where the gates take you, you never know, by the time you get back your mind might just have wandered onto something wonderful as well.