The Kite

This poem was co-written by a classmate in my Poetry tutorial. Her name is Ella, and her words shall be written in italic. Thank you.


Kite tails floating in the

Afternoon breeze, a colourful dance

Of Spooled string


In the canopy of your yard


The weather sets in

To clouds behind their parents

Eyes. So different from the

Reality, sent

Home early to bed, no supper.


I wonder

If yet there is hope

For the budding storm to

Pass beyond

And break elsewhere.


I dream

And the kite


Delivered with a soft smile

Un-torn, joining


The colour of spring

Merging with the floating

Blossom petals. In the melee

It becomes a whip, racing

Us through the garden green.


This realm has no storms

Of dark and thunderous

Nature. Only the light

And joy of

Childs at play.


Book Buddies

For this story readers discretion is advised. 18 years and older only please.


It’s a quiet night in, we are both sat on opposite ends of the couch, our legs intertwined as we read. The weather outside is a little chilly and so we have some naughty hot chocolate that I made. You sneak a glance a glance at me, at the same time I look up from my book and we end up staring each other in the face. I’m a little flushed because of the alcohol in the drinks I made. And this prompts you to pull me towards you and kiss me deeply. I return your kiss with just as much vigor. Dragging my hands through your hair and down to your chest, down to the ends of your shirt and I begin to tug it off.

I get your shirt off over your head and begin kissing and nibbling your neck. As your fingers roam down my back and into the waistband of my jeans, I stiffen slightly and pull away from you. “The couch is a little small don’t you think?”

“I don’t think it’s too small.” You say.

“I do.” I stand up, and strip off the cozy jumper I’m wearing. And then pull you up to join. Taking you with me into the bedroom, where I push you onto the bed and make you watch.

I’m wearing a fitted tank and skinny jeans, which I slowly unbutton and begin to gently pull down over my hips and ass, wiggling my behind as I go. I kick them off the ankles and do a little spin for your inspection. Then I slowly pull up my tank top dragging it inch by inch until it’s also off. Now all I’m left with is a pair of lacey knickers. I give you a cheeky little smile.

I then come over to you and kneel over you while I unbuckle your belt and unzip your jeans. You are now sick of being a spectator in this game. You stand up still holding me to you, and step out of your pants before turning around and dropping me back on the bed.You then lean over me and rip off my underwear, hungry for my skin to be next to yours. You begin a line of burning kisses up my thigh along my hip bone up to my breasts, taking one of my nipples into your mouth and nibbling on it. While  rolling and tweaking the other between your thumb and forefinger, making them hard and letting little gasps and moans escape my lips. I push you off me and pull off your boxers with some urgency. I want to feel your length pulsing in me as you cum, but you’re not quite hard enough for that yet.

I grab you gently around the base, and lick up the length of it, before taking the head into my mouth and gently sucking, while my hands rub what I can’t fit into my mouth. You are now rod hard, your cock is slick with my saliva, and maneuver myself onto your cock, I let out a trembling sigh as you fill me up. And you moan at how tight and wet I am. I begin to move rhythmically up and down on your cock, slowly at first, and then quickening up the pace and you join me in thrusting yourself deeper. I’m moaning and sighing, and begging you to keep doing the wonderful thing that you are. I can feel the pressure in my abdomen rise as the orgasm builds, you’re squeezing my breasts and my fingers are digging into your thighs as the crescendo starts to pass through me. I buck and spasm on top of you as I orgasm. And then we both collapse in a sweaty heap of satisfied bodies, your cock still twitching inside of me as the last of your cum leaks out…




Should I Finish University?

A list of pros and cons…



  • I will have a degree.
  • I will (hopefully) have the skills to be a professional.
  • I will be on the track of being a functioning part of adult society.
  • I will have something to show for all the time I have spent on it.
  • I will be able to use my degree for proving myself right in disagreements.



  • I’m sick and tired of referencing, it makes me feel unimportant.
  • I’m not sure I want a professional career, as I have noticed that they seem to come with homework, and I loath homework.
  • Who really wants to be an adult…?
  • My friends have all finished their studies. So I can’t do study nights anymore.
  • I’m pretty happy in my current job, and it mostly pays the bills.
  • It’s just taking me too long.


That’s 5 pros, and 6 cons… So what do you all think, should I endeavor, or should I quit?

Musing on Time Wastefully Spent

I have been away,

I know it’s sad to say,

I hope you all haven’t been feeling blue,

Just need to tell you I missed you too.


Thought I would start off this post with a little rhyme for you all, though I know, I know it’s pretty terrible. Sometimes it’s just fun to write really bad poetry, it makes you remember why you like and write the good stuff. 🙂

Sadly I’m still not ready to share with you snippets of the novels/ novellas that I’m working on and I’m not sure I will be at that stage for a long while to come. There is a lot of work that goes into writing a longer piece, and though I have my opening pages, and have started on my character progression there is still a whole truck load of research that I will need to get into before I continue on with writing the real story.

You Do Really Live and Learn

One of my favorite things about life is that as you continue living, so you continue learning.

Now not everything we learn in life is good and not every experience we learn from is positive, but these little lessons do help us to make our lives better in the future. For example if you are peeling potatoes, and you manage to peel a finger, you’ll likely learn which way you are meant to hold the potato and the peeler.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not believe that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” and I know full well that there are some mishaps in life that there is no real bounce back from, but at that point they stop being lessons and start just being tragedies. But the little things, that cause you a little hurt are what propels us as humans, as humanity as a whole, as living creatures forward. It is what gives us a drive to do better be better. It’s why some parents are so hard on their kids. It’s why some teachers are so hard on their students, it’s why some bosses are so hard on their employes (only some though, because some people are complete jerks).

I like that life is constantly pushing us forward, though sometimes we have to run to keep up with it, it’s nice to be kept a little on your toes. Now I’m not saying that you need you go out and do some thing wild and learn some big life lessons, and I’m not saying that hindsight isn’t a wonderful thing. But a few little mistakes every now and again are good for us. Nobody is perfect and imperfections are different in the eyes of everyone. So stop trying to avoid mistakes and simply learn from the ones you make as your life continues on.


New Post for a New Media Mindset

I really wanted to post a story here, but I haven’t finished it yet.

However I did just find one of the Best Ted talks given by an artist I quite admire, Amanda Palmer. Though I don’t think I will ever be as brave as she is, I did love the message she presented, that it’s okay to ask. You can ask for what you need or want, don’t push it, but at the same time no one is going to know unless you say something. We as humans can’t read minds (well not yet) and there’s not point in hinting at things, because that often leads people to assume, and we all know what they say about that…

But enough of my rant here’s the video.