Should I Finish University?

A list of pros and cons…



  • I will have a degree.
  • I will (hopefully) have the skills to be a professional.
  • I will be on the track of being a functioning part of adult society.
  • I will have something to show for all the time I have spent on it.
  • I will be able to use my degree for proving myself right in disagreements.



  • I’m sick and tired of referencing, it makes me feel unimportant.
  • I’m not sure I want a professional career, as I have noticed that they seem to come with homework, and I loath homework.
  • Who really wants to be an adult…?
  • My friends have all finished their studies. So I can’t do study nights anymore.
  • I’m pretty happy in my current job, and it mostly pays the bills.
  • It’s just taking me too long.


That’s 5 pros, and 6 cons… So what do you all think, should I endeavor, or should I quit?


2 thoughts on “Should I Finish University?

  1. Personally, I like university. I like learning. I think it depends on whether you’re studying something you really like, and studying something because YOU want to, not your parents or your friends or society. I go to university to learn stuff and get a degree, yes, but that’s only a fraction of the experience. I go to meet people, have experiences, and take advantage of student advantages, from internships to discounts 🙂 It’s ultimately your choice, but university is much bigger than a piece of paper, IMHO.

    1. These are all valid points for going to Uni, but I’m questioning as to whether I should finish. I have been at Uni for quite a number of years now, and even though I enjoy my course, I’m just finding it frustrating that I’m still going.

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