Looky Here!

Here is a wonderful uplifting video from the lovely youtuber Lilly Singh aka Superwoman. It touches a bit on what I talked about in my last post. Also she is just chill to watch.



You Do Really Live and Learn

One of my favorite things about life is that as you continue living, so you continue learning.

Now not everything we learn in life is good and not every experience we learn from is positive, but these little lessons do help us to make our lives better in the future. For example if you are peeling potatoes, and you manage to peel a finger, you’ll likely learn which way you are meant to hold the potato and the peeler.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not believe that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” and I know full well that there are some mishaps in life that there is no real bounce back from, but at that point they stop being lessons and start just being tragedies. But the little things, that cause you a little hurt are what propels us as humans, as humanity as a whole, as living creatures forward. It is what gives us a drive to do better be better. It’s why some parents are so hard on their kids. It’s why some teachers are so hard on their students, it’s why some bosses are so hard on their employes (only some though, because some people are complete jerks).

I like that life is constantly pushing us forward, though sometimes we have to run to keep up with it, it’s nice to be kept a little on your toes. Now I’m not saying that you need you go out and do some thing wild and learn some big life lessons, and I’m not saying that hindsight isn’t a wonderful thing. But a few little mistakes every now and again are good for us. Nobody is perfect and imperfections are different in the eyes of everyone. So stop trying to avoid mistakes and simply learn from the ones you make as your life continues on.