Dear Me Tag

There this current campaign going around YouTube at the moment called #DearMe about talking to your 13 year old self, and giving advice.

I love this idea and I would like to join in myself, however I currently don’t like making YouTube videos as I feel it’s inferior to my written word. So I thought that I would write a letter and post it here.


#DearMe, being 13 is hard, you have the rest of high school ahead of you, you’re busy trying to make friends and work out who you are, who they are, who you want to be, and what you want from life. This is the same for everyone. I know they all seem so confident and out of your reach, but you will get there. I know you are afraid, and you don’t want to ask others for help, or for their time, but you should, people are far nicer than you think. It will take you nearly a decade to learn this, and it is something you will regret not learning sooner, because those people you finished school with are still really great people. And you are going to wish you kept in touch with them better. They don’t hate you and they never did, you just never gave them the chance to really like you. You never had to change yourself for them, they wouldn’t have like that, you just need to ask them to be there.

You should never be afraid to ask for help,, or the things that you know you deserve. If you don’t ask then how will anybody else know, they can’t read minds, as much as wish for it. You are beautiful, smart, funny, kind, and far more generous than most people deserve from you. And even if in the end they don’t like you, don’t forget that you will eventually love you.