Drive and Inspiration

I think, drive and motivation for writing a blog can sometimes be very hard to find. It takes a while to come up with an idea for a post, and sometimes I just don’t feel up to writing long pieces. I do very much want this blog to be a successful one, but I also know that is only achieved by constant work and finding a niche.

I find motivation from other bloggers, and my mother. My mother encourages me and supports my ideas, while other bloggers give me something to strive for.

But I’m not like those other bloggers, and sometimes this also get me down and holds me back. I don’t give lifestyle advice, I’m not about design or beauty, I can’t give you a step by step DIY project and I have no background in therapy to help you with your life problems. All I can offer is an interesting read to pass the time with, and I have to then compete with humor sites, and funny Gifs and photos pages, with online cartoons, and of course Youtube (though I do also have my own Youtube channel). But my aim for this blog isn’t based in monetary success but in popularity, in followers, the the sheer human crowd that just enjoys reading a little something from time to time.

I know that this has been a rather ramblely post but I just felt the need to discuss this stuff with you all. Aside from that I hope you all have/had a nice day, and continue to enjoy reading this blog.


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