How I am

I found this fantastic TED talk on YouTube the other night, and I thought to myself that this woman embodies and voices the exact same reasoning for her poetry as I do for my writing philosophy.

And it got me thinking, that I haven’t really explained to you my audience anything about how I am, which as a writer is just as, if not more, important than who I am.

So let’s start with the easy things. I am a nineties kid, born just as the decade was beginning. That makes me old enough to know and understand things, but still young enough to question why. It also means my education holds its place in two different centuries. The new and the old clash madly in my brain, and maybe that’s why writing appeals to me so much.

There is also as I said an impossibly old side to me, despite my youth people have always found me to have wisdom beyond what your average person my age at the time would have. Though that seems to have regressed to plain logic, as I got older. It’s that logical side of me that enjoys the writing so much, as I can then make order of the million of thoughts in my brain and follow them back to their original idea in a process to create a well-founded and believable story. Writing used to be a private thing for me especially in my early teens, as I had many frustrations with myself and my peers, I found that writing out these frustrations took them out of my brain onto the page and then they could no long worry me or keep me up all hours of the night.

I also love words, as just how many there are in the English language for someone like myself to play with for example the word “pleasing” it synonyms are “agreeable, pleasant, enjoyable, lovely, nice, pleasurable, satisfying, gratifying, delightful and welcome” but all of these are not all applied in the same way, and can be applicable in many different circumstances. If I was to say that something was “a pleasant experience” it would probably mean that while it wasn’t uncomfortable, I still found it to be boring and it wouldn’t be something that I would do again in a hurry, however if I was to say it was ‘enjoyable’ then would mean that I probably had a pretty good time, and would be willing to try again, then if the experience was a ‘gratifying’ one that would mean that I had gotten something out of it beyond mere pleasure. This is how as a writer you can capture people and bring them in. You create a world, with your rules, and then if you are brave enough you let others into that world to explore it, to marvel in it, to test it, to push it’s limits and to see if they have fallen for your creation half as much as you have. Then if they are happy and seem to want to stay in that place that you have carved out of time, ink, paper and/ or software , then you can be happy with what you have placed in the world.

I believe that my works are like children, for your average story is not formed wholly in one or two days, but like a child, formed over months and years, and sometimes over your entire life span.

Though I do think that it is interesting that I revel in the idea of being a storyteller so much now, but when I was a child I was never one to gossip or spread rumors, even as a teen I never did much story telling to my school friends. Though this might be more because I never really had much to tell, rather than disliking the concept of gossip.

I have however always admired storytellers. I wasn’t a popular girl, but this did mean that many an hour was and still is spent with my nose bookishly pointed towards the written word. I had both the good and bad fortune to have many weekends to myself, and a mother whose thirst for escapism through fantastical tales rivaled my own. With similar tastes in reading material there is never a shortage of things to inspire me.

These are some of the many reasons I am how I am, and I write how I do.


Hopefully next time I post it will be a sneak peek into the lengthy pieces that I have been working on this year, so you can all look forward to that. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

P.S I have also linked the TED talk for you down below if you want to listen and enjoy.