Through the Eyes of a Carrot

So I’ve decided to add a few short stories that I wrote for some of my uni courses. I hope you all enjoy them. 🙂

I roll over on the bed, Kate my Mother is still asleep, so I creep up till I am right be side her and purr loudly in her ear, she just rolls over and puts a pillow between us. Ok so no breakfast from her yet. Next I creep over to Rob, Kate’s male, and purr at him. He just rolls over too. What is with them today? I walk over Rob to get back to his face, this time I meow and pat his cheeks with my paw. He just pats me back.

“Good kitty.”

Words like that will get you scratched mister. Ok so now it’s time for my ultimate weapon. Pacing back to Kate I crouch down ready to pounce and bullseye! Land on her back with a thump, and then continue to purr.

“Ok, ok puss, I’ll get your breakfast.” Success! Kate sits up, then stands up, slips into her robe and stumbles out of the room, I follow. Down the stairs into the kitchen, and the same old cat biscuits are there in my bowl. “Meow, meow!” I say.

“Yes I know Carrot you want more, but the vet said that we have to start watching your weight.” I hiss at her I don’t want more. I want something else. I purr and rub up against her legs, to say that I don’t hate her. The Fridge! I pad over and paw at it, hoping she will understand my meaning.

“Oh! You want milk do you?”

“Meow!” Yes I say milk would be better. Kate opens the cupboard and grabs a second small bowl. Yay! I purr and twist around her legs again. Kate pours in the milk. I sniff. Yurk! Skim. I walk away with my nose in the air. This just won’t do.

“I’m sorry puss but that is all we have, take it or leave it. I’m going back to bed.”

Oh well I guess skim milk with my bickies will have to do today. Though I’m not going to give Kate any cuddles tonight. Her feet can freeze for I care.

I go to the couch now. Time for my morning bath. Plop myself down in the sunny patch and begin the morning ritual. As I finish who should walk into the kitchen but Rob. Lucky! I might just get a second breakfast, if I play my cards right…