How do “Follows” Work?

So I am curious, how does one gain followers on the internet? By the internet I of course mean my social networking sites (other than Facebook). Though I’m not really including this blog as part of it either, as I’m happy with how everything is progressing here. Actually it’s going faster than I expected. No what I mean is how did the big name YouTubers get all their subscribers and twitter followers. Though it is likely that one fed off the other, it still baffles me. I can understand that your first few followers/ subscribers are probably already your friends, people whom you know and have asked to subscribe, but how does one go from say 10-15 to around 10, 000 subscribers?

Is there a formula? Do you have to be friends with popular YouTubers prior to your fame? Do have to make something that goes viral? Do you have to have amazing charm that oozes through the camera and pours out the screen (like Jack and Finn Harries from JacksGap)? Or can you still have a reasonably popular channel by just filming what you feel like and putting the time with it?

I’m asking all this because I’m been making videos for a little while now, and have had a working channel since 2011, and yet I often get less than 50 views per video (with a good 10% of those views being me), and I have under 10 subscribers. I’m not asking for thousands of subs straight off the bat, but it would be a lot more heartening and would probably help with my motivation if I had around the 40-50 mark. The same goes for my twitter, and I’ve had that since 2009, and in all my time using it I’ve only ever gotten one tweet (it was from Ducksauce of twitch-TV and it made me very happy) and yet I have less followers on that than I do here or on YouTube. It all makes no sense what soever to me.

Well that’s enough ranting for me.

If after you have read this you want to also make me really happy then go watch some of my videos at and give them a thumbs up if you like them. Also if you feel like chatting to me or you just want to read more of my random words then follow me of twitter @airliekat

Thankyou, you wonderful and lovely readers, especialy those of you who read all the way down to here.

Love you, Airlie šŸ™‚


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