Beach Getaway (Over 18’s only)

Just a quick warning before you get started, if you know me and think I’m all cute and Innocent then stop reading here. Also this story is completely fictional and hasn’t happened in real life.


I find it looking through the accommodation websites. A little cottage on the east coast recently redecorated by new owners. It’s light and airy with solid furniture, and a his/hers shower in the new bathroom. It’s perfect so I show it to you. Your not sure, but I eventually persuade you that this beach side house is just right. I often get my way, but you like to spoil me so it is all-good. We book the house for five days and four nights. It’s is late afternoon by the time we get there. We quickly unpack. Then set off for the beach before too much of the light is gone. The beach is only a few short mins away. We take off our shoes and run through the sand laughing and chasing each other. Each time we catch one another, we pin the other to the ground for a deep kiss. Before springing up to run away again. It’s our own special form of tag.

We are very tired when we get back from our fun on the beach. I make a quick pasta dish, and we curl up on the couch together to eat it. Thoroughly ready for sleep, we get into the large bed; it is all solid wooden base, with a handmade quilted headboard. It’s king size with lots of pillows, and a firm, but not too hard mattress. We can’t resits testing it before going to sleep. You slide into me easily as I’m already wet from the excitement of our earlier activities on the beach. We set into our familiar pattern and reach an easy climax, with you patiently waiting for me to come first. We drift off into an exhausted sleep snuggled into each other. The next morning I feel you digging into my back I smile with pleasure and roll over to softly kiss your lips before getting out of bed to make coffee. I stand in the kitchen in nothing but your shirt, as I purposely didn’t bring any sleepwear. As I pour the coffee into cups you come up behind me and hug my waist. You kiss my neck lightly teasing goose bumps into my flesh you nibble my earlobe ever so gently before whispering to me. “God you’re sexy. Barefoot in the kitchen making me coffee.” You turn around to face me and take a sip of the coffee I hand you, before setting down both our cups. “I just have to have you.” You grab me and kiss my lips and neck as we move up against the wall and you hoist me up onto the cabinet as I lock my legs around your waist. You push your length up deep inside me and I let out a soft gasp in between your kisses. You fill me and we begin to move in a rhythmic thrusting pattern as I feel a deep sensation of pleasure move up inside me. Our fingers push through each other’s hair as we kiss; your thrusting rocks me back and forth as you build towards a climax…

I push you back, and gently slide you out, “not yet” we have all day and I have a mental list of the places I want you. I take your hand and pull you to the bathroom. I then turn on the shower taps. Such a huge shower space it would be a shame to let it go to waste. I grab the bottle of body wash and dance into the steam motioning for you to follow me. You do, and I hand you the body wash asking you to start washing me. You poor the wash into your hands, then rub them together to make a lather, you start by washing the tops of my feet kneeling on the smooth tiled shower bottom. Working your hands up my ankles, calves, knees, a smooth motion, gentle, but with just enough pressure to make my muscles relax, I sigh in pleasure. Not realizing till now just how tense I was. You are massaging the backs of my thighs now, it feels so good, they are still a little sore from our activities last night. Your face is so close that I can feel your breath, warm and soft on my…

Hands still kneading their way up my thighs, I’m almost purring. The mixture of heat from the shower, the pressure of your hands and the warm softness of your breath, have put me in a stupor. I hardly notice as your mouth makes it’s way towards my crotch. But I catch you just in time. I pull you up to your feet again, and grab the body wash for myself. I push you back into the stream of water and take a few steps back myself. I pour more body wash into my hands and begin the task of washing myself, teasing you, as I start with my hips, then scrubbing my belly in gentle circles, dancing a little as I do so. As I wash my breasts, I pay particular attention to my nipples stroking them so that they harden. This drives you a little wild, and you pull me back under the hot jet of water to kiss me deeply. You then walk me backwards, your lips never really leaving my skin; they leave a fiery trail along my chin, down my neck, between my breasts and back up again. There is a short ledge along the back wall of the shower; you gently lift me so that my ass is just resting on it. It’s just the right height. By now I can feel myself throbbing with desire, I want you inside me so bad, that a squirm a little almost falling off the ledge. You grab my hand in an effort to both stop me from falling and also, so that I don’t stop you. You lick the inside of my thigh all the way up. The sensation of your tongue gives me tingles. You give me a wicked look, before licking first the lips of my pussy, then the slit it’s self. A shiver of pleasure runs through me. “No more games.” I whimper to you as I attempt to pull you back up. You grin at me before sliding yourself in, once again I gasp a little, you’re even harder than you were before. I spread my legs a little wider, I want to feel the full length of you. You tease me a little, by pulling out a small amount and gently rocking your hips there, before I get frustrated, and wrap my legs around you to pull you all the way in. We head back into our familiar steady thrusting rhythm, with each time you push back in feeling deeper, I let out little moans to let you know that you’re doing it right. I can feel my orgasm rising as we get into a faster and faster rhythm. We both let loose a guttural moan as we come at the same time. We then disentangle from each other and rinse off. After drying off we head back to the kitchen and gulp down our now luke-warm coffee. “Where next?” I ask you. We look around and our eyes set on the large heavy looking table in the middle on the room.  You lift me and carry me to the table where you lay me out gently on the top. I’m back in your soft linen shirt, and the table is cool and sturdy underneath my back. You climb onto the table, and onto me, you kiss my neck and along my collarbones. But before your mouth makes it any further down my body I stop you, and wriggle out from underneath. I just remembered the length of silk ribbon I had packed specially for this weekend. I tell you to wait there, as I run into the next room and quickly grab it out of my bag. I stroll back into the kitchen to find you sitting on the table looking a little deflated. I show off my prize. Your eyes widen in wonderment at the measure of thin black fabric in my hands. “I thought you didn’t like being tied up.” You say to me.

“I don’t. This is for you. Is that okay?” I ask. You grin and nod. I tie both your hands to one of the table legs, but not too tightly, I don’t want to cut off your circulation. I then straddle you and return to kissing along your collarbone, chin, neck shoulders. I blow cold air across your nipples and lick your sensitive ear lobes. I almost kiss you, but pull away at just the moment before our lips meet. I trail my hands down your chest, over your flat stomach until I have your firm cock in my hands. Once again you are rock solid. I begin to rub your shaft, at first with one hand barely touching, then the other hand to tug at your length, while the first hand rubs the underside of head, and traces light little circles around the top. I then lick the entire length of the underside of your penis. By now there is pre-cum beading at the end. The look of pure desire in your eyes has me so moist. Totally in control I mount you and begin to rock back and forth, while you purr compliments to me. Then suddenly you have a hold of me. You pull out, and get up off the table still holding onto me so that I to am pulled into a standing position. You turn me around leaning me over the table so that my belly and breasts are pushed into the smooth flat surface. I didn’t tie you up tight enough. You hold down my arms and begin kissing my spine from the bottom all the way up to where it meets the base of my skull, then with the point of your tongue you lick all the way back down, in one swift movement. I shiver and squirm, out of your grasp to turn and face you. I then pull you back onto the table, and you quickly enter me once again. You make the pace agonisingly slow. “Please” I beg in a whisper. By now I’m shaking with the build up of sexual energy, I need the release. You speed up, and I clench my muscles around your shaft in time to your thrusting. You take it even faster, I’m so close to the edge, but for once you come first and the look on your face takes me over. We lay there panting in each other arms for a few minutes, to bathe in the after glow, before getting up and continuing on with our holiday…


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