Shower Time

She slid out of her tight fitting blue jeans, to reveal a pair of blush pink panties, with just the barest hint of cream lace. Josh stared at her in awe from the doorway to the bedroom.

Josh had been friends with Sarah for a while now, probably 2 years or so, and during that time he had felt a growing attraction, but they had always been just friends, keeping it all platonic. A couple of weeks ago, he had decided to let Sarah know how hot he thought she was, and suggested that maybe they try being more than just friends. That maybe they should try adding some benefits to their relationship. He never thought Sarah would agree to the idea though, he hoped it was a yes, but to have it happen in reality was a delightful surprise. They had shared a few meager kisses since then, but Sarah had, last night, suddenly announced that she was going to come over the following afternoon. Now there she was shirt on, jeans off, with an ass that would put many a lingerie model to shame.

Josh walked over to her and placed his strong hands firmly on her hips. “Not so fast gorgeous. I want to undress you slowly like the beautifully wrapped gift that you are.” Josh whispered roughly into Sarah’s ear. At this Sarah just wriggled out of his grasp, gave him a cheeky look and pulled off her top. Josh was once again left agape at just how staggeringly beautiful, and unexpectedly confident his friend was. It really turned him on. Sarah pushed past him motioning for Josh to follow as she half walked half danced her perfect body into his bathroom. When josh entered Sarah was sitting on the edge of the tub, the shower already going and the steam just starting to tendril around the room. “Now strip.” Sarah instructed.

Josh did as he was told, and stood completely naked and hard in front of Sarah.

She then gently traced her fingers up Josh’s thigh, past his groin, and stiff cock to lay her hands flat on his stomach, where in she looked up at him and gave him another wicked smile. “Now you can unwrap me Josh.” Sarah then stood and placed his hands back on her hips. Josh got down to kneel on the ground all the while keeping his hands on her hips, so that he could stare up at this goddess who had somehow taken the place of his friend. He started to gently roll down her panties, slowly he took them down her thighs, and he was surprised to note that there was a small damp patch in the middle of them. For all her teasing it seemed Sarah was really rather turned on herself. Josh smiled knowingly up at her, and she blushed, all at once the Sarah, Josh knew and longed for was back. He stood up and kissed her passionately, deftly he unhooked her bra, and in one quick motion removed the obstacle. He then stood back to admire Sarah in her true, unadorned beauty.

“So is there a reason why we a standing in a steamy bathroom?” Asked Josh, coyly. Sarah simply smiled and pushed him, gently, into the shower.

“Josh, I want to fuck you to me in the shower.” said Sarah. At this Josh pulled Sarah to him and once again kissed her, he then kissed her neck, collar bone. He wanted her so bad. One hand placed firmly at her waist the while other went to work between her legs, and wow was she wet, her warmth coating and soaking his fingers, as he explored her.

“Josh stop playing, it’s not fair, I want you to fuck me.” She said, already breathing a little rougher. Josh removed his hand, and lifted Sarah up using the wall to help support her weight. He then pushed him self in, Sarah was tight, but wet enough that sliding into her was sheer pleasure. Sarah moaned as Josh filled her. He started to slide him self in and out of her each time eliciting a soft gasp from her lips. She kissed his neck and lips, licking and nibbling his ear lobes, causing Josh, himself to start moaning as well. He thrust deeper into Sarah causing her moans to get louder, and quickened the pace, he was so close to coming, but he didn’t want to leave Sarah hanging so he asked with out skipping a beat in their love making. “How close to the edge are you?”

“Shut up… and… keep… going. Don’t you… dare…” Was all the reply he got and few seconds later Sarah let out a soft cry, as her body shivered and spasmed with the waves of her orgasm and Josh came with a final hard thrust into Sarah. He then gently lowered her back to the tiled floor of the shower and began the process of cleaning him self and Sarah after their hot shower session. Once they were out of the shower and wrapped up in towels, Josh turned to Sarah with a smile and asked.

“Now can we have sex the way I want?” Sarah just smiled back at him.


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