About Me

So I know I’ve done a lot of post on this blog about my writing, but I haven’t really told anyone about myself. Though my writing is definitely part of me it isn’t all there is to me.

I am a 22 yr old woman, who has been doing an arts degree for the past 2 years majoring in media production and literature. I’m taking some time off from Uni right now to “find myself” you know, that cliched thing that a lot of arts students do, and to also work earning some more money. I love social networking platforms and subscribe to many of them, though I don’t use all of them that much, I’m endeavoring to get a better handle on them all. At the moment that does mean working more on my blog and working to improve and put more content onto my you tube channel. I want to one day work in the publishing industry, but I need to get my degree first as most companies won’t take you unless you are a university graduate or you have a high profile portfolio of your published works. Sadly I’m half-way between the two. But I will endevour with my dream and someday I will get there.

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An Amateurs Guide to Writing Poetry

The other day I found myself thinking about a conversation I had a while ago, between myself and some of my Uni classmates. They had been lamenting over how hard their poetry class was and how difficult it was to write poetry. I (mistakenly) chimed in that poetry writing was easy, my classmate then said that might be true of bad poetry, but good poetry was hard. I quickly agreed with her. Now I take that back. Poetry is easy to write (even the good stuff). The hard part is tuning your mind to the right attitude to be in for writing it.

Now I don’t claim to be an expert, actually as the title of this piece states I am an amateur, but these are my tips and tricks to writing. (They might even work for fiction.)

Trick 1: Throw the idea that poetry is stupid or pretentious out the window, if you start thinking like that then all your work will be a mockery of itself.

Trick 2: Write a poem only for yourself. All poetry is about self-first, then the world. You have to forget the idea that anyone else is going to see the piece and write for your eyes only.

Trick 3: Don’t listen to the little voice in your head that tells you that your work is worthless or that no one will like it. That voice itself is worthless and confidence comes across in writing it is what makes people like the piece.

Trick 4: Toss away everything that your high school teachers every taught you about poetry. That stuff is for understanding someone else work; you don’t need it for doing your own work.

Trick 5: Never push a poem to rhyme or follow a rhythmic pattern. That will come in its own time and you will end up with a natural flow as you get more comfortable.

Trick 6: This is my final tip. Don’t over think the words. Whatever pops into your head at the time just write down, because above all else a poem is a reflection of you and is yours to do with what you will.

Note: So I did send this piece into Frankie which is a Australian indie magazine, but I submitted it two months ago and haven’t had any word from them so, I’m going to post it on my blog. I figure that this is okay mostly because my blog isn’t all that popular yet.

How I’ll Post Stories

So I’m planing to post only the stories that I can legally and rightfully post at the time. For example if I have sent a story to a magazine, they get the right to use it first, but if I get no response about them printing it within three months then I shall post it, same goes for a piece that I send into a competition, though in that case I wait till the competition end date.

So some of these stories (not many) can be found on other sites, as I submitted them a long time ago, but as I’m just starting out the more legal exposure that I can get the better. What better way to get my short pieces out there than having my own blog on which to post them? 🙂

Shower Time

She slid out of her tight fitting blue jeans, to reveal a pair of blush pink panties, with just the barest hint of cream lace. Josh stared at her in awe from the doorway to the bedroom.

Josh had been friends with Sarah for a while now, probably 2 years or so, and during that time he had felt a growing attraction, but they had always been just friends, keeping it all platonic. A couple of weeks ago, he had decided to let Sarah know how hot he thought she was, and suggested that maybe they try being more than just friends. That maybe they should try adding some benefits to their relationship. He never thought Sarah would agree to the idea though, he hoped it was a yes, but to have it happen in reality was a delightful surprise. They had shared a few meager kisses since then, but Sarah had, last night, suddenly announced that she was going to come over the following afternoon. Now there she was shirt on, jeans off, with an ass that would put many a lingerie model to shame.

Josh walked over to her and placed his strong hands firmly on her hips. “Not so fast gorgeous. I want to undress you slowly like the beautifully wrapped gift that you are.” Josh whispered roughly into Sarah’s ear. At this Sarah just wriggled out of his grasp, gave him a cheeky look and pulled off her top. Josh was once again left agape at just how staggeringly beautiful, and unexpectedly confident his friend was. It really turned him on. Sarah pushed past him motioning for Josh to follow as she half walked half danced her perfect body into his bathroom. When josh entered Sarah was sitting on the edge of the tub, the shower already going and the steam just starting to tendril around the room. “Now strip.” Sarah instructed.

Josh did as he was told, and stood completely naked and hard in front of Sarah.

She then gently traced her fingers up Josh’s thigh, past his groin, and stiff cock to lay her hands flat on his stomach, where in she looked up at him and gave him another wicked smile. “Now you can unwrap me Josh.” Sarah then stood and placed his hands back on her hips. Josh got down to kneel on the ground all the while keeping his hands on her hips, so that he could stare up at this goddess who had somehow taken the place of his friend. He started to gently roll down her panties, slowly he took them down her thighs, and he was surprised to note that there was a small damp patch in the middle of them. For all her teasing it seemed Sarah was really rather turned on herself. Josh smiled knowingly up at her, and she blushed, all at once the Sarah, Josh knew and longed for was back. He stood up and kissed her passionately, deftly he unhooked her bra, and in one quick motion removed the obstacle. He then stood back to admire Sarah in her true, unadorned beauty.

“So is there a reason why we a standing in a steamy bathroom?” Asked Josh, coyly. Sarah simply smiled and pushed him, gently, into the shower.

“Josh, I want to fuck you to me in the shower.” said Sarah. At this Josh pulled Sarah to him and once again kissed her, he then kissed her neck, collar bone. He wanted her so bad. One hand placed firmly at her waist the while other went to work between her legs, and wow was she wet, her warmth coating and soaking his fingers, as he explored her.

“Josh stop playing, it’s not fair, I want you to fuck me.” She said, already breathing a little rougher. Josh removed his hand, and lifted Sarah up using the wall to help support her weight. He then pushed him self in, Sarah was tight, but wet enough that sliding into her was sheer pleasure. Sarah moaned as Josh filled her. He started to slide him self in and out of her each time eliciting a soft gasp from her lips. She kissed his neck and lips, licking and nibbling his ear lobes, causing Josh, himself to start moaning as well. He thrust deeper into Sarah causing her moans to get louder, and quickened the pace, he was so close to coming, but he didn’t want to leave Sarah hanging so he asked with out skipping a beat in their love making. “How close to the edge are you?”

“Shut up… and… keep… going. Don’t you… dare…” Was all the reply he got and few seconds later Sarah let out a soft cry, as her body shivered and spasmed with the waves of her orgasm and Josh came with a final hard thrust into Sarah. He then gently lowered her back to the tiled floor of the shower and began the process of cleaning him self and Sarah after their hot shower session. Once they were out of the shower and wrapped up in towels, Josh turned to Sarah with a smile and asked.

“Now can we have sex the way I want?” Sarah just smiled back at him.

A Self Review

So that last post was made with the help of all the people who are named in the story. Don’t worry I had permission to use all of them in the story.

It came about after reading a post put on a Facebook event page for a friend’s 21st earlier this year. It written is almost exactly how it was posted on Facebook, with a few of the spelling mistakes fixed, as well as the grammar and tense. I also had to remove one of the original posts as it didn’t fit with the rest of the story, and took you out of the text.

However I’m not sure how well this goes for a story format, as much as I like it, I don’t think there is much recognition in this field yet.

Anyhow your feedback as a reader is greatly appreciated and I had fun doing this.

Facebook Posts Story

The Tale of the Facebook Comment Conversation


The Introduction

Aaron Pobjie: So I’ve just been informed that the 29th is in fact Good Friday (god religion sucks). Anyways is this a problem for most people or is everyone good to still come on the Friday, which I would like it to be on because that is actually my Birthday and not historically the day when Jesus was crucified.

Laloma Heather Ware, Heather Bull and 2 others Like this…

Elijah Clements: Wow Aaron. Handling the whole religion topic with some real maturity and grace there…
Anyway, I doubt I’ll be coming. Sorry.

Aaron Pobjie: The post was kinda tongue in cheek Yi.

Elijah Clements: And you think mine wasn’t?

Aaron Pobjie: Once again tone is lost over facebook.

Elijah Clements: Perhaps from now on we should write every sentence like it’s a line from a story. For example:

Elijah nodded his head in agreement with a small smile on his face. “Perhaps from now on we should write every sentence like it’s a line from a story, to help convey the tone,” he said, only half joking.

Now the real story starts… Sort of,

Owen shook his head and chuckled. “You know, I could actually see this working. Just how much more interesting facebook arguments would be if they were all written like this.”

“See!” Elijah proclaimed. “It’s a great idea. The only down side is the time it takes to type.” He paused and after a second added. “And I only just realized I’ve been typing in American grammar. Apologies.”

Jacinta Louise: Everything will be closed.

Aaron Pobjie: Good Friday isn’t a public holiday.

Jacinta Louise: No but everything is closed. Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday are the three days business are closed. Except the odd restaurant so yeah…

“Way to kill it guys!” Screamed Owen in a barely contained, yet unjustifiable rage. “Sheesh.”

Aaron Pobjie: I can still hire out a room, it’ll just cost more.

Okay and back into it folks…

Elijah chuckled for a moment, but that chuckle turned into a sad sigh. “Yes, Owen. I suspect you’re right about that.” He turned and gazed forlornly out the window. “Truly, the internet is not the intellectual utopia that was once promised. Our dreams of all the knowledge in the world at our fingertips has come true, and it was only once it did that we learned all the knowledge in the world meant ALL the knowledge in the world. Most of which can scarcely be referred to as knowledge at all. We’ve stared into the void, and it now stares back at us.” After a moment he stopped and realized what he just said. “My goodness that was pretentious.”

“Whilst Friday is the optimal day for a ‘Partay’, could we have it on a different day?” Owen offered helpfully. “Or is the cost difference negligible?”

Aaron chuckled, “This reminds me of a post I once saw, when asked what the most difficult thing to explain would be to a person transported from pre 1950’s to modern day. The response was ‘I have a device in my pocket that allows me to access all the accumulated knowledge of the entirety of mankind, I use it to look at pictures of cats and get into arguments with strangers.'”

He then turned to The Gunahnator and sighed. “Truly, the future is not what we were promised.” before adding, rather melodramatically, “Then again, when is anything.” As a single tear ran down his cheek, landing with a lonely plop in a half empty cup of cold camomile tea.

Elijah took a moment to look at the other posts, and realized just how bad an idea this whole thing was. Not just the idea of posting as though it were a line in a story, but commenting in the first place, or even the creation of the internet. No, the bad idea was getting on Facebook in the first place.

“Guys,” he said to catch the attention of everyone. “I think we need to stop doing this.” After a second, his inner writer couldn’t let the other minor detail pass. “Also, Owen, you’re tone was fine for that last post, but the use of the word ‘plop’ was out of place. It has a certain light hearted implication that didn’t match the rest of the paragraph. Might I suggest ‘depressing drip’ rather than ‘lonely plop’. The use of alliteration only serves to make the whole thing feel more pretentious, without clashing against the tone of it with ‘plop’.”

“What exactly have you got against ‘plop’ Yi?” Aaron scowled.

“Plop is itself is a fine word, and it has its place,” Elijah hastily reassured Aaron. “But that place is not amongst deliberate melodrama. If I were to use plop, I’d use it to comedic affect in a less… mature light. Such as a droplet of some foul substance landing on someone’s head.” He suggested.

“Perhaps that was the intended effect,” suggested Aaron. “The building of the melodramatic melancholy, only to have the whole mood torn asunder by a deliberate crash by a whimsical word, making light of the whole situation.”

“That could be correct Aaron,” Elijah conceded. “But I suspect in this case it was more likely a mistake, or incorrect choice of words, than a deliberate decision on Owens behalf.” He paused and turned to Owen. “Am I wrong?”

Owen returned quickly to where he truly belongs after a brief spell of ‘having a life’.
“Actually, you’re both kinda right. I wrote ‘plop’, thought to myself ‘that really doesn’t fit’ and then went ‘fuck it, it’s Facebook… I really couldn’t be arsed to change it’ before going on to continue the line with some absurd reference to fancy tea.”
After a brief pause Owen quickly adds, “You know, I really do like this idea. It makes you actually think about what you type rather than just ‘hurr durr lolz and zomgs’.

Elijah Chuckled. “Perhaps, but I still suspect this was a bad idea at its outset.”

Murray Enders: I don’t know if you can say tongue is lost over Facebook Aaron. you seemed to find mine fine last night.

Heather began to giggle “Murray, must you make sexual comments all the time?” She covered her mouth unable to hide her enjoyment at the current conversation “I personally find style of text this to be Lovely idea!” She smiled at Elijah and Owen. “kudos to you two”. After a brief pause whilst deciding whether or not it’s worth it, Owen decides that it is.
“*a lovely idea”

“Tone…” Aaron urged, “Tone is lost over Facebook. Oh Murray, your dyslexia is rivalled only by your libido.” Aaron then turned to Owen, “Thank you good Sir, you saved me from the task.”

Heather smiled pointing to her phone “it doesn’t like the letter ‘a’ thank you for noticing”. Owen nods in understanding. This wordless gesture is all that is needed to convey the feeling of camaraderie felt for a fellow human with a slightly unresponsive phone.

“Guys, I’m done,” Elijah said flatly, reading the abomination he’d helped create. “This was a bad idea, and I’m not writing like this anymore. I want no part in this. Good day to you sirs, and madam.” With a bow, her stands up, closes Facebook, and sits down again to open up a different tab.

“The editor and writer in me wants to copy paste this entire feed of comments, then correct it all and upload it again on a blogging site as my story of the day.” I chimed in, enthusiastically.

“Also, good Friday is no good for me as I will not be in Canberra” said I in response to the original question. “And how dare you plan a birthday party so close to mine.” I scold, half jokingly. Owen Cocks his head to the side as a metaphorical floating light bulb lights up above his head. “I for one have no issue with that.” He says. He then scolds himself for not seeing it first. “Stupid!”

Elijah opened Facebook again and quickly said, “If you do post this in blog, then pass the link over,” before closing it once more.

“I do hope you all realise that writing in the third person makes you seem like complete and utter wankers?” I ask with all seriousness.

“Well, I was thinking of this whole thing being written like a conversation from a story,” Elijah replied. “Even if that novel was written in retrospective first person, only one person would refer to themselves as ‘I’. So, congratulations. By doing so you’ve made yourself the protagonist/narrator of this story.” He gave a small smile. “Now if someone else where to do it, none of this would work in a narrative structure.”

“Or it could just be some strange form of self referential humour?” Owen paused for a moment of thought then continued. “It’s tempting, but Nah. I’ll leave any breaking of the fourth wall to someone more qualified” before quietly chuckling at his ironic statement, a self-content grin spreading eagerly across his face.

“Well yes why do you think I was the one to write in first person format?” I say, “I mean I do study writing as a university major I do know what I’m doing most of the time.” I boast, feeling rather self-proud.

“Then it’s settled!” Elijah said loudly. “You’re the protagonist and narrator of this tale.” He stopped and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Personally I do quite a bit of writing, but I doubt unpublished short stories or fan fiction would impress you much. Regardless, quite a lot of my thought goes into writing these days, so I do believe I know what I’m talking about. Tell me, do you prefer the first person narrative, the third person limited, or third person omniscient?” A small twinge in Aaron’s facial muscles appears. He questions himself whether or not he should bellow a question at Elijah, confronting him to face what he has done to this once quaint little post about planning a 21st birthday party, or just be done with the whole scenario and delete the post. A course of action that would surely cause an uprising amongst the fellow posters.

Aaron Pobjie: Also dicks, dicks everywhere.

“Third person limited for me” Owen chips in hurriedly, hoping to have his opinion heard before the tyrannical moderator of the event destroys all evidence of this conversation’s existence. “But I am partial to the occasional chapter about something out of the Narrator’s reference, or from another character’s point of view.” Elijah coughed into his hand once he noticed Aaron’s quite reasonable annoyance. “My apologies Aaron. I appear to have derailed this thread.” He then added as an after thought. “And it appears I’m writing in the past tense while everyone else is writing in the present tense. Awwwwwwkwaaaard,” he concluded in a sing song tone.

“Yay, more self referential humour!” Owen exclaims, in a voice unnervingly similar to that of a 12 yr old anime girl.

“Do not worry I shall fix tenses, so that they all match up once I have copy pasted.” I offer with hope that it will placate the masses. “Also would say that I like all three, as it depends on what mood I am in and what I feel like writing.” I say in response to my final questioning.

“Thank you for that.” Elijah said. “I’d rather not look like more of an idiot than I already do.” He shook his head, “Anyway, personally, I actually genuinely dislike the third person omniscient,” Elijah admitted. “Enough so the I couldn’t ever get into Dune. I think that first person when it works well is the best, but can be fairly terrible when done wrong. Third person limited is usually decent enough that even a fairly poorly written third person is at least tolerable, but then again a well-written third person is rarely as special or unique as a well-written first person. I think that third person limited is best when you want to focus on several characters, but when the story is primarily about one character, than I recommend the first person. When done right, first person provides the strongest insight into a character.”

“Well that’s all, folks.” I conclude. ” “Four pages of copy-pasted text unedited, now let me see if I can’t make this work, and turn it into a compelling short story.” I smile as I make a start on my task ahead.

A Fresh Start

To begin with I had made this blog as part of a unit and assessment for my degree, but the class has long since finished.

Since then this blog has been sitting lonely and unused, so I though since I had paid for the url, that I had better put it to good use. I have decided that if I can get my writings out via the conventional channels then I can turn them into a blog, then maybe they can bring joy to those who come across my works while browsing the net late at night, (which I know we all do rather more often than we would care to admit).

So this little post it just to inform that there will be new and fun posts coming to my page in the near future. 🙂