Workshop 3, Week 9: Hackathon

This week’s workshop was centered around the creation of media in relation to our story worlds and our characters. We had some fun in playing with augmented reality (AR). Then we worked on creating our own AR around our characters, which we had sketched onto stickers to place on disposable coffee cup lids. I feel that we could have used more time on this.


This is a basic sketch of my character that I did to make sure I had what I wanted to put on the coffee cup lid.


This is my finished coffee cup lid with it’s simple picture and character name.


Here are some of the other cup lids made by my fellow students.


And a few more of the cup lid designs.

Our characters need to be 1. Informative, 2. Associative, 3. Suggestive, Receptive or Corrective and 4.  Mainstreaming. Beth Michelle also came back during this session to update us on what was happening with the campus sustainable garden we looked at during workshop one.

With my platform creation, I did at first create a Facebook account for my character, but I realised that this wasn’t actually useful and deleted the account and opened up a Page for “Rachel” off my own account. I also want to still create a instagram account for her, but I’m not sure how to create a secondary account without getting a secondary phone as intstagram at the moment is only accessible for account creation through smartphones. I have yet to find anyone who knows a way around this little problem.

Many thnaks for reading this, Airlie



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