Tutorial 6, Week 11 Poster Blitz

This week we are looking at how far we have yet to go with our platforms and continuing to make the content for our platforms in which our characters live. Sadly I have not yet found a way to make my instagram account and I haven’t found anyone to help me yet either. The only thing I’ve found to do is to create the account using a second email address and sign up with the new email, this however won’t work for me as I already have the Facebook (Fb) page linked to my original account and from there to my personal email. This would create problem when tried to link the instagram to the Fb page.

I also sadly did not find time to create a poster for Rachel UC Sustain (my charater), though it would have been something along the lines of “It’s uncool to dress coolly. When the weather cools down the clothing heats up!” I hope to find time to achieve this in the next 2 weeks before the assessment is due.

As a side note I finally found chalk big enough to do my chalk graffiti, now to find some time when there’s not too much security around in order for me to place my messages around the campus. 🙂

Thanks, Airlie


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