Tutorial 5, Week 10; Rabbit Holes

This week we were assigned to look at how our individual characters could interact across our chosen platform. Then we were to plan out our rabbit holes (the connections to our online story worlds into which the general public on campus fall into).

I’m planing to graffiti chalk drawings all over campus, with the web addresses that I want people to frequent. This will be the address for the Facebook page and hopefully the instagram account that I’m yet to create. I want to use chalk drawings as this is a non-permanent way to get my charter out there as well as environmentally sustainable as chalk is a simple mineral compound that is found naturally in the earth. Therefore the worst that can be done is a slight change in the ph levels of the soil, that however would take a whole lot of chalk, more than I have time to use.

I would also like to make a poster or two for advertising the Facebook page I have developed.

Thanks, Airlie.



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