Tutorial 6, Week 11 Poster Blitz

This week we are looking at how far we have yet to go with our platforms and continuing to make the content for our platforms in which our characters live. Sadly I have not yet found a way to make my instagram account and I haven’t found anyone to help me yet either. The only thing I’ve found to do is to create the account using a second email address and sign up with the new email, this however won’t work for me as I already have the Facebook (Fb) page linked to my original account and from there to my personal email. This would create problem when tried to link the instagram to the Fb page.

I also sadly did not find time to create a poster for Rachel UC Sustain (my charater), though it would have been something along the lines of “It’s uncool to dress coolly. When the weather cools down the clothing heats up!” I hope to find time to achieve this in the next 2 weeks before the assessment is due.

As a side note I finally found chalk big enough to do my chalk graffiti, now to find some time when there’s not too much security around in order for me to place my messages around the campus. 🙂

Thanks, Airlie


Workshop 4, Week 12

In this weeks workshop we got a talk from the director of an interactive webisode series “The Newtown Girls” Emma Keltie. Also we got to hear from Karla Conway, from the Canberra Youth Theater, who is the brains behind a location based reality game titled 35’17 South.

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 9.18.02 PM

It was fantastic to have a talk from these two as it is wonderful to see cross-media productions working in the real world. It is also inspiring to see how successful these ventures were.

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 9.17.26 PM

So I went on a hunt to find both Newtown Girls and other webisodes. The links to the two I found are; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzIzQ_qzL2Q for Newtown Girls and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm1g_sSB1xs for a music based show called Exit Vine, of which is still in production.

As an activity for this workshop we needed to create an idea for an AR(augmented reality) game. We had a choice between “Winter is Coming” which was about getting people to dress for the weather or, “UC Clothing Drive” which was about collecting unwanted clothing and furniture from the UC residents and selling it on to future students so as to rasie money for the University student groups to use on their initiatives throughout the year. My group chose to make an AR game based around the “Winter is Coming” theme. We called the game ‘Winter has Come to UC’ and had a whole heap of activities that had to be done for game play.


The idea behind this is that all of UC’s students have either been frozen into ice cubes or are fighting not to become ice cubes, so to play you had to collect the ice cubes and defrost them with an item of warm clothes that you have in your invetory once you had done this you got a new item from the freshly defrosted student so that you could defrost the next, you could also find items of winter woolies by scavenging around campus. The aim of the game was to defrost all the student by either the end of Winter term or the start of Semester 2, without getting frozen yourself during gameplay. You also got power ups by standing in certain sunny areas of the campus and by collecting coffee cups (warm drinks) that people had left lying around, (we hoped that this part of the game would also encourage people to recycle their used coffee cups).

The whole game design process was done as a competition in groups and I’m glad to say that our group won with this game idea (Yay!).

As a final note I took some time after this work shop to chalk up my rabbit holes. Sadly though I’ve only been able to download one of the photos of the chalk graffiti and this was my worst one.


I am very sorry about this, but as you can see sometimes digital media has it’s downfalls.

Wait revise that I have managed to get the photos to finally send… Here they are. 🙂



Thanks. Airlie


Tutorial 5, Week 10; Rabbit Holes

This week we were assigned to look at how our individual characters could interact across our chosen platform. Then we were to plan out our rabbit holes (the connections to our online story worlds into which the general public on campus fall into).

I’m planing to graffiti chalk drawings all over campus, with the web addresses that I want people to frequent. This will be the address for the Facebook page and hopefully the instagram account that I’m yet to create. I want to use chalk drawings as this is a non-permanent way to get my charter out there as well as environmentally sustainable as chalk is a simple mineral compound that is found naturally in the earth. Therefore the worst that can be done is a slight change in the ph levels of the soil, that however would take a whole lot of chalk, more than I have time to use.

I would also like to make a poster or two for advertising the Facebook page I have developed.

Thanks, Airlie.


Workshop 3, Week 9: Hackathon

This week’s workshop was centered around the creation of media in relation to our story worlds and our characters. We had some fun in playing with augmented reality (AR). Then we worked on creating our own AR around our characters, which we had sketched onto stickers to place on disposable coffee cup lids. I feel that we could have used more time on this.


This is a basic sketch of my character that I did to make sure I had what I wanted to put on the coffee cup lid.


This is my finished coffee cup lid with it’s simple picture and character name.


Here are some of the other cup lids made by my fellow students.


And a few more of the cup lid designs.

Our characters need to be 1. Informative, 2. Associative, 3. Suggestive, Receptive or Corrective and 4.  Mainstreaming. Beth Michelle also came back during this session to update us on what was happening with the campus sustainable garden we looked at during workshop one.

With my platform creation, I did at first create a Facebook account for my character, but I realised that this wasn’t actually useful and deleted the account and opened up a Page for “Rachel” off my own account. I also want to still create a instagram account for her, but I’m not sure how to create a secondary account without getting a secondary phone as intstagram at the moment is only accessible for account creation through smartphones. I have yet to find anyone who knows a way around this little problem.

Many thnaks for reading this, Airlie