Tutorial 4, Week 7: Who is Rachel?

Though character development we are to prototype our story into multiple platforms. The question I want students to ask is who is this Rachel and why is she everywhere. To start finding out about Rachel go to https://www.facebook.com/RachelUCSustainable (you will need to copy paste this into the url bar.)

This how ever is just the prototype for my character, I’m going to need some more time and probably a following to really get this character idea off the ground. So far I only have the faceook page and I will need to look at developing more platforms to launch her on. I look forward to see how far I can develop this, and how much I can actually get off the ground before the end of the semester.

I would love to be able to develop a Instagram account in association with my character’s facebook page, but sadly I’m not techy enough yet. I would also love some feedback on what platforms would suit best for my character, if you have any ideas please comment. Thanks! 🙂