Workshop 2; Week 6

In this workshop we looked at how to produce a multimedia, or rather a cross-media story, that would work in relation to our goals. What media could be used and how we could get users motivated into wanting more story and indeed telling the story themselves was an important part of this task. Also to get a story character creation was necessary we were to come up with a least one character and a back story for them within groups of six, by the end of the work shop.

First off we choose one group on campus to look at how gain them as an audience, or to be more specific fans.  We did this by discussing what kinds of media there is, and what is available to students while they are on campus, then what students actually used by students while they are on campus. (Sorry that this photo is so blurry I couldn’t get a good shot.)


From here we separted the media types, and thought of what media we would use in making our character come to life.


(Also sorry about the upside down picture, I obviously had a bad camera day.)

Our groups characters were, Amanda (Mad Mandy) the stalker and Gustavo the environmentally conscious, Brazilian exchange student. The story goes, Mandy spots Gustavo putting up a poster for an event, and she rather likes him. She then gets his name from the poster searches for him on Facebook wherein she adds him as a friend.

Through Gustavo’s Facebook page, Mandy gets his contact details, and follows him to the event that is on the poster. At the event (which is a fundraiser) Mandy texts Gustavo, who just disregards her, as he doesn’t really know who she is. When Gustavo get’s back home from the party and into his room he hops on Facebook to find a picture tagged with him, of Mandy sitting on his bed with the quote “Where were you? I waited.” in the background we see that Gustavo has Greenpeace and WWF posters all over his wall.

Sadly I didn’t get photos of the character/pilot outlines, but as I said I had camera day.


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