Workshop 1; Week 3

So for this week we were looking at how we think about trans media spaces and how many of these spaces we can utilise in creating a sustainable environment at UC. EWC-PAP-SignpostGarden2012-12-07.3

We also looked at the different groups on campus and how we would get them involved.

In specfic the task was to promote and create a cross-media platform for a community garden on campus. We split into groups of about eight people and made sure we had a range of disciplines in each group. Then in our groups we came up with some media platforms to be used, an a system for using them. We then created a step by step plan on how to set up our media on the garden.


From here we had to present our ideas to the rest of the students (with prizes for the most liked idea)…



Sadly we didn’t win any prizes this time, though I think my group’s idea was the most sustainable. But some other group’s ideas were more fun, which I guess it the point of cross media.


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