Tutorial 1; Week 2, Gamification

So in this first post I want to talk about gamification, from a Cross-Media/ Trans-Media point of view, and some successful executions of this theory.

First off I need to tell you all what gamification and what cross media production is. With gamification we have a new way to interact with the world, by which, companies and organistions and even some clever individuals make day-to-day and sometimes dull tasks interesting or fun, or even getting people personally involved in a product and it’s distribution. Cross media production, is all about using three or more media platforms ie; the written word, film and a chat site, to work together and form a cohesive story.

Now although gamification is a wonderful thing, and a fairly good example of cross media production it does not always pertain to the description of a cross media product, because it doesn’t always use three plus media sources working together to get it’s point across. There are however a few very successful examples of this, these examples are, the Lynx: Fallen Angels campaign, the Nike+ running apps which games being intrinsically part of them, and the per-release of Jay-Z’s memoir ‘Decoded’ in which 300 pages, where hidden in 600 places, with 15 different locations world wide, for fans to find, assemble and decode the book with other fans online.